This post will be dedicated to past post promising updates, opinions, or what not.

    • Pictures of the Pony Rebellion (Set) of posters from this post.
    • Pro Beauty Tools Ionic Steam Hairsetter Twilight Limited Edition from this post. I did my whole head one night; I think I used about 12-14 rollers. The curls came out really nice and I slept on them (didn’t use any hair spray). The next morning they were less curly (still no hairspray) and by end of work day it was slightly wavy to no curls. Next time I will have to try to do it in the morning, use hairspray and see how they hold up through out the day.


    • Pictures of the Bus Bath Ball from this post. The mystery toy is super tiny, but adorable. I DO NOT recommend getting this for little kids, afraid that they can choke on the toy. It’s too bad, cause I think kids (my nephews) would really enjoy the surprise. As for the bath itself, it turned the water a light blue and very light to no aroma. I guess the aroma would depend on the amount of water you use. I can’t even tell you what kind of fragrance it was since it was so light.
    • Trying audiobooks in formats for smart phones from this post.

    PRO: Very portable, convenient, and lets you multi-task. I enjoyed eating my lunch while listening. I can see myself using this while in the air or on a road trip.

    CON: Losing your place by falling asleep. I did this several times. I tried recalling what I last heard, but even with that it was somewhat difficult finding where I left off because the chapters for smart phones did not coincide with the chapters for the book.

    I completed “And Both Were Young” via audiobook, but I just couldn’t get into listening for “The Scorch Trials”. So for me I guess it depends. My overall opinion is I like it, but I don’t find myself using audiobooks very often. I love actual books more.

    So those are the updates on “unforgotten, some forgotten” posts. If there’s any I left out, feel free to let me know and I will do another update post. If you are thinking about the cactus photos, its on my “To Do List”. [Post 1] [Post 2]