The Boyfriend and I went to BLU, a bar lounge that serves Euro-Asian cuisine, for a Yelp Elite event. It was highly suggested that we come dressed in white to fit the theme (not necessary to get in), but of course Boyfriend told me that after we arrived. That seems to be the case for all the other Yelp events we attended =P

For this event Yelp had sponsored The Original Henna Company and Studio 31 Hair Lab. So in between light bites and free drinks you could get henna and your hair done for free. I had debated about getting a tattoo since high school, but never did since I was not sure. When I learned about henna, I had always wanted to try it. Today was my lucky day =)


My favorite bite for the evening was chicken with tamarind cashew nuts served in a small cup. Second was beef satay on a stick (not pictured).



Little Soya had a booth and was giving out cute samples of their gluten-free, low sodium soy sauce.


I was the last to get my hair done, there was only 5 mins. left till closing. Misty from Studio 31 did a quick high ponytail w/puff front and also added the iridescent leaves and beads. She said when I get married she’ll do something crazy with my hair, since we didn’t get to tonight.