I was never the person to install games on my computer, so the same goes when I got my smart phone. I had no interest whatsoever. So tell me why one day out of the blue I decided I needed one? I think I spent a good 20-30 minutes browsing, I mean I was on a mission! It had to be free and super cute. Then I found it, “Pretty Pet Salon: Asian Edition”.


You start off as a one man pig show with standard wash tubs, grooming table, and dryer. “It’s a New Day”, your door opens and humans with their furry babies comes in and seat themselves. A conversation bubble pops up above their heads with a picture indicating what service they want. Then you quickly tap and drag their pet to their destination and tap again to start service. A majority of your clients will want more than 1 service, and be ready for celebrity clients. If you do well you get paid higher and increase your clientele happiness percentage. If you fail, you get to hear “Boo!”


Yep instead of updating my blog like I had planned to, I was too busy playing P.P.S. I even drained my battery, which normally would have lasted me at least 2.5 days. I also kind of tricked The Boyfriend. It was bedtime and I really wanted to just continue playing, so in order for me to stay up without getting The Boyfriend grouchy; I showed him the game. I told him I was having trouble with a mission and if he would please help me out real quick, since he is a pro at video games. Hehe, I think that night I fell asleep and he was still playing. It was that addicting.