Finally had the postponed “Eating Out” lunch with the family. My mom had decided on dim sum at Golden Palace. Brother-In-Law ordered a plate of baby octopus. This is the first time I’ve seen this dish for dim sum. The Boyfriend and Brother-In-Law were the only ones who touched it, but they both had said it was bland. My sister and I will take their word for it.

A few days before the Staple Expo on March 4, my face started to have some kind of allergic reaction from something I had used. It started out with various facial areas getting itchy bumps and then dry patches appeared. Each day it progressively gotten worst and by Sunday (the day after the expo) it was uncomfortable. I was pretty sad, because I was looking forward to attending Mr.AT’s wedding. I stayed home, while The Boyfriend went for the both of us.

Then the work week started; it hurt to smile or any facial expression. My face was so dry it was peeling, flaking and sunburned pink. My co-worker refrained from talking to me, afraid she would literally “crack me up (laughing). My doctor’s appointment wasn’t until Thursday. Those were very long 3-4 days.

Thursday couldn’t come soon enough; I was given a prescription and told to take allergy meds too. After taking the first dosage, my face instantly felt better. It no longer felt like it stretched for miles when I spoke and smiling became easier. I occasionally even laughed. What was I allergic to? I have no clue, but my suspicion is the expired bottle of Laneige Yogurt Peeling Gel (exfoliation).

Yeah, that sucked!