The Boyfriend and I made it to Staple: The Independent Media Expo. It was a pretty small expo, which can be a pro instead of a con due to the size. That means more time spent at each table, easier to eliminate your want/to buy list, and doesn’t make you dizzy going through some crazy maze layout.

To me it was like a mini comi-con. The Boyfriend and fans would probably disagree with me and repute with technicality. What do I know? I was there purely to support one of Boyfriend’s hobbies.

The picture above you will see a guy in a white and blue stripe sweater. That’s Jason Poland of Robbie and Bobbie : A Robot And His Boy. The Boyfriend and I went to his birthday party this past December. He is a impeccable dresser. I should ask him if dresses like that on a daily basis or is it for work. Made me think of Mr.RC, a friend who is never without a blazer. An impeccable dresser as well. Wish I can dress Boyfriend up sometime, but no can do. I also wanted to ask Jason, which came first…Bobbie’s stripe shirt or him wearing stripe shirts? Of course, I will highly doubt I’ll ask him anything, I’m terribly shy around people I don’t know.

The Boyfriend bought a Robbie and Bobbie T-shirt and Jason was very kind to give us button (pins) of each of the characters from his comic for free.



Q&A with Kagan McLeod on his graphic novel, Infinite Kung Fu. I had looked at his website and also flipped through his graphic novel. First impression, it really reminds me of old Kung Fu movies, but due to the thickness I’m hoping its more like Kung Fu TV Drama series I grew up watching. I wonder if there’s a side love story or else it’s not for me.



While waiting in line to meet Kevin Eastman. I love this guy’s shoe & socks color combination. There was a lot of very good footwear at this expo. I was also sneaking peeks at this girl’s suede + metallic purple converse, but was not able to take any pictures.



Kevin Eastman, one of the creators of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He was signing and drawing requested characters. He is a funny man, had people cracking up at his booth.

I had brought some cash for just in case I wanted to get something, but truly thought I be spending it on food or drinks. I mean it’s not really my thing and past conventions I never bought stuff. Surprisingly I did find things I wanted to buy at the expo. I spent all my cash and some more! *Sigh* ( – __ – **)

These purchases were not on a whim. I didn’t buy them right away. I spent the entire time thinking if I really wanted it,  and only went back before we left the expo to make my purchases. I bought two posters, Pony Rebellion (Set) by Jacob Borshard. That was kind of a big deal for me, because I don’t buy posters. I don’t believe in putting up large artwork or pictures that are not of my own making or by someone I personally know, up on the wall at home. So that’s the first. I will take a picture and post up once I get frames for them.

I also bought a comic, Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed? by Liz Prince. It’s a compilation of strips of the humorous + cute things between her and her boyfriend. She’s from Boston, MA. So of course I have to support my peeps. Last but not least , I picked up a few postcards by Magda Boreysza. The oddity and unique subjects and her drawing style attracted me instantly. She also drew a portrait of me =)