The Boyfriend and I took a one day road trip to Austin to attend Staple: The Independent Media Expo. We had excellent weather. And you can’t call it a road trip without any snacks. I think beef jerky, chips, and drinks are a must. Candies and cookies are “maybe” for me. What is yours?


We had planned on picking up brunch along the way, but nothing really caught our eyes. Plus the snacks was holding the angry grizzlies away. When we got to Marchesa Hall and Theater, where the expo was held at, we saw a Korean restaurant in the same plaza. We were glad we held off from stopping by places like McD’s.


Shilla Korean BBQ Restaurant, is heavily decorated in wood, mirrors, and white Christmas lights. I love how most of the tables are boxed in like a wooden cubicle to give customers a feeling of a private or intimate meal.


I don’t recall what Boyfriend had ordered, but I ordered japchae to share. Of course they served our meal with a whole bunch of little side dishes, YUM!


We put the leftover in the trunk of the car. I was hoping it won’t spoil, while the Boyfriend was hoping he won’t forget that we left it in there. Well we almost did =P