Mr. Dog is a fan of Twilight, well actually of Kristen Stewart. So he was disappointed that I didn’t buy the curling iron that featured Kristen on it. However that didn’t stop him from being in the picture; glowing like a Twilight vampire =P To set the record, I am a fan of Twilight, but not one that collects everything Twilight.

There’s a product that I’ve been wanting to try; Caruso Professional Ionic Steam Hairsetter (#C97958)

The price runs $39-$45, not what I’m willing to spend and also it’s always going out of stock. While doing research I came across the Pro Beauty Tools Ionic Steam Hairsetter Twilight Limited Edition on sale at Best Buy for $19. It looked very similar to the Caruso (comparing online) and it was half the price, but What really prompt me to pick it up is that Caruso Professional and Pro Beauty Tools are brands by Helen of Troy. Helen of Troy is known for their curling irons (other brands under Helen of Troy: Hot Tools, Revlon, Vidal Sasson, Bed Head etc.). I figured that the two product would be almost exact if not very very similar.


Coincidentally The Boyfriend had meeting with Helen of Troy at their headquarter in El Paso, Texas earlier this month. At a family dinner after his visit, that was when he made it known that that was one of the companies he met with and also that there is a Helen of Troy Outlet!!! I’m thinking “Now you tell me!?” “Hmm, did you do this on purpose?” I guess I will never know, but you can bet the next time he’s up there, he will have a list of products to pick up in his hands.

Tonight, I tried it out and put 5 jumbo rollers in. I put it in the “Ionic Steam” setting due to the humidity we get here in Houston. It was very easy to use and the curls came out nicely. However I was going to go to bed, so how the curls hold up and for how long is unknown at the moment. I’m planning to use it for my friend’s wedding that’s coming up soon.

These are the difference I can tell you between the Caruso #C97958 and Pro Beauty Ionic Steam Hairsetter. [Keep in mind I have not tried the Caruso, so what I’m about to tell you is based on my online research].

Caruso Professional #C97958 // Pro Beauty Tools Ionic Steam Hairsetter Twilight Limited Edition

Rollers: 6 petite, 6 small, 6 medium, 6 large, 6 jumbo // 20 jumbo
Comb Clips Yes // Yes
Color: Red & White // Black & Purple
Storage bag: Yes // Yes
Settings: Unknown // 2 – Steam & Ionic Steam
Noise: Quiet // Ionic Steam Setting = Purposely makes a clicking noise
Can be used on foreign currents // Unknown