For Christmas I received Bundle Monster Plates and started to use them the beginning of this year. I’ve read online that it’s not necessary to use Konad’s special nail polish, that you would be able to use some of your regular nailpolish for stamping. Well that’s not the case for me; it would pick up partial of a design or was not opaque enough to show up.

Luckily I found a location in town that sold Konad supplies. This evening I picked up basic colors: black, white, silver, and gold. The salesman gave me these cute bunny stickers as a little free gift with purchase.


I told myself I wouldn’t buy any hair accessories from anywhere but Glitter; almost everything is $1 (not the greatest quality, but nothing has broke on me so far). Well Forever XXI isn’t expensive, so I don’t feel too guilty.

Forever XXI: teal bows, coral rosettes, purple glittered clips, and two pairs of socks.

Almost turned this sour evening better.