Happy Birthday!!! Get your dim sum on =P

Sis’s Birthday Lunch get together @ HK Dim Sum, our favorite dim sum place. It took 1+ hour waiting for a table of 8, which ended up being 11. My sister brought my lovely niece. This would be the first time meeting for most of the guests. I think everybody adored her.


A dish one of our friends ordered that we never seen before.


Afterwards we went next door to NU Cafe for some snow ice. I ordered peanut flavor with red bean & egg pudding.

20120220-192205.jpgSeveral people including my sister left after NU Cafe. That leaves the four of us, including myself, walked over to FIT. I bought a case to store earrings and these learning to write books for my nephews. A little surprise when I see them next weekend.

It was great to see everybody and peeps whom we haven’t seen in a while. I hope my sister had fun & enjoyed herself.