I am not a bath person, I’m more of a hop-into-shower and hop out. But for some reason I thought about hot warm bath all day. Maybe it was due to the cold weather over the past three days or I’m coming down with the something. Soaking in hot water sounded good, and instead of bubbles I wanted to get some Japanese Bath Salts/Soak.

After work I went to FIT, I vaguely recall seeing some bath soaks there. And lucky I was right!

  • Hot Spring Series (Ibusuki) 6 Pc. – Itoh Kanpo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Made in China, Produced by Daiso Japan. I used one this evening. It initially had an herbal fragrance, but was diluted as I filled the tub. I was a little disappointed with the barely there aroma. The powder turned the water into fluorescent yellow. Still very nice and relaxing.
  • Bus Bath Ball – I don’t know the brand or maker, but it’s also Made in China.
  • Bun Bun Bath Ball – Same as above =P

The bath balls are supposed to be for kids, but I thought it was too cute. As the ball dissolves in the bath, it uncovers a capsule with a mystery prize. In my case one is a bus the other a car. The color is the mystery and you can win the grand prize/rare one that’s shown on the back of the package. If I like it, I might get these for my nephews.


I read somewhere that it’s recommended to keep a bottle of cool water or beverage to hydrate while taking a hot bath. Also to try stay at least 30 mins. (some health benefits etc.).

Thirty minutes flew by while I listened to my Ipod, I haven’t done that in a long time. But I forgot my cup of water and I was very thirsty after. The Banana Milk hit the spot. That’s my latest “Into” thing — Binggarae Banana Flavoured Milk Drink –Yum!

So far no allergic reaction to the Hot Spring Series (Ibusuki). Will give my opinion on the bath balls next bath time.