I was invited to attend the Shop MAC Preview Event. Last MAC event I attended was 2010’s Venomous Villians (the collaboration with Disney) and my sister came as my guest. This time I asked my cousin; she wasn’t sure due to work but was going to try.

I left after work and gotten there pretty early. I did some browsing at the Disney Store & Shasa. I got back at 6:30 and was the first in line. It was kind of awkward being the first one in, because I didn’t really attend to see the new line (like everybody else who were behind me was).

The thing was, I have been meaning to go to MAC (Galleria or Rice) to pick up foundation & concealer. It would be my first time trying those two products from them. So I figured it would be fun to go to the event, since I had planned on going anyways. I’m glad I did, because it was fun. I chatted with these two girls who were behind me in line. It was their first time to a MAC event. I gave me the 411; carded for drinks, try the new lines, fill out your card, etc.

I left with what I intended to buy and nothing from the new Shop MAC collection. I was tempted by the blushes, but I already picked up a pretty nice mini-blush collection in past December.

Shop MAC will be instore next Thursday (2/9).