Lunar New Year’s Eve
I’ve been slowly preparing for New Year’s Day; getting the house clean, get rid of unwanted stuff (donating/throwing away/consigning), New Year snacks. Work has been kind of hectic, so my holiday spirit kind of subsided. I’m letting things fall where they fall, because I don’t have the energy to fix every detail.

In the mist of preparation, I stumble upon what I think would be a pretty cool tradition. It’s called Prosperity Candles or New Year’s Candles, from the Phillapines or Singapore. It’s a set of 7 colored candles, each color representing Love, Fortune, Health, etc. You are to light all 7 candles at 11:30PM (30 minutes before midnight/New Year’s Day). At midnight, you blow them out and line them up side by side from shortest to tallest. The shortest is what is to come for you this new year. Sounds cool, huh? Except I can’t find anything like that here in the states. That’s including looking for each color individually and not in a pack. I still did not have any luck. Maybe next year? Anybody visiting the Phillipines or Singapore?

For this post I put up a picture of my fortune from a fortune cookie. I will be posting these a lot. For the longest time I’ve been keeping almost every fortune I recieved. I have little piles everywhere that I had forgotten and would find them all stacked neatly and paperclipped. I had planned on gluing them down in a cute notebook or something. Obviously I never got around to it, also because I didn’t want to glue it due to the backside always teadching you chinese or lotto numbers. Hey, who knows it could be my lucky ticket. Then again I never play. Anyways, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner, but taking pictures front and back seems to be the most sufficient and less mess.

Mmm Honey Basil Seeds drink, bought from yesterday’s luncheon with the fam. celebrating Nephew’s Bday & New Year’s.