FIT - Black & White Lace Scrunchi

FIT - Baby Blue Bows

FIT - Crystal Ball

I left work on time to make it to the preview of Man on the Ledge, but The Boyfriend called and cancelled. So I went to FIT instead, needed to buy something to store my Bundle Monster Plates. I did find what I needed, but also picked up some hair accessories =P

A little sad that someone purchased the last crochet strawberry ponytail holder. I had them in my hand, but I put them back. I wanted to look at everything before I decide what I want. I’m pretty sure I made the employees nervous, because my basket was empty until the end. That’s how I shop (most of the time). So hopefully they will restock it.

Going to watch Innocent Steps tonight to make up for missing the movie. Here’s a clip, Enjoy!

Innocent Steps – (2005) South Korea