Today, The Boyfriend and I attended the 4th Annual Ice Sculpting Competition at Discovery Green. The shark and clown fish was my favorite. But before we got here, the warm day started with…

Menu - MKT Bar

MKT Bar - Interior

Lunch at MKT Bar inside Phoenicia Specialty Foods.

Lamb Sliders - MKT Bar

Pizza - MKT Bar

After we ate, we walked around the supermarket. It’s our first time at this location (downtown). Phoenicia always have beautiful kitchen ware & tea sets. I always have to go down those aisles.

Rainbow of Kitchen Ware

I found something to add to my wishlist; herb pot from the Project series by Pascal Charmolu. I thought I could find it cheaper online, but unfortunately I can’t find any U.S. online shop that sold it. So I might pick it up the next time I’m there.

Then we walked over to Discovery Green to watch the competition. As the day went, it got warmer and Boyfriend was removing his jacket and I, my scarf. Boyfriend was feeling weary, so we left before they announce the winner. On the way back to the car, we got desserts.

Italian Creme Cupcake

Spiderman Popsicle - Uncovered

The Boyfriend got an Italian Creme cupcake from a food truck. I didn’t catch the name, but Boyfriend said it was mediocre. I had a Spiderman Popsicle. I can’t remember the last time I bought one from a ice cream truck. It was perfect =)

To see more ice sculpture photos & pictures from this day go to my new flickr page.