Two of my friends have been telling me how great audiobooks are and that I should try it. They think I would enjoy it, since I love books. Honestly, the idea never really appealed to me, but before I can shun it away I need to at least try it first. This was months ago, or even a year ago when I looked into it. The prices for audiobooks in the form of cds are pretty expensive and still not cheap enough for me at Half Price Bookstore. And what do I do if I don’t like it? I don’t want it to be sitting on my shelf taking up my precious space.

In mid of last month, I was looking through the public library’s (Yes, I have a library card and I still use it–it’s actually pretty worn out) catalogue via internet and found out that you can check out e-audiobooks. I was pretty ecstatic, it’s free!!! It’s a good thing too, because there is a waiting list for the hard copy and the e-book for what I wanted to borrow. Well the e-audiobook also had a waiting list, but it was much shorter. I put all three formats on hold to better my chances of borrowing the book earlier.

So last night my e-audiobook was available. I downloaded it onto my netbook and then transferred it to my iPhone. Today, I got to listen to 6 minutes of it during lunch before I headed back to my office. I will give my opinion after 2-3 chapters. That’s the amount I give to see if the book I’m reading grabs me or not. In the meantime check out this space-saving architectural design for a bookcase. I love it!! I won’t mind having something like that, if I can’t have a room designated just for books.

Daydreaming from my desk.
Perfect weather for picking up a good book.