The Boyfriend and I met up with a group of friends at RA Sushi at Town and Country City Centre for the New Year’s Eve Party. (M.MC, M.AT, M.ARu, Mme.YD, & M.ARa)

It was pretty crowded; guys in suits or semi-formal and lots of girls in dresses. I wished I had worn one, but I didn’t want to wear any of the dresses I owned. Instead I wore the Christmas present I received from my sister and brother-in-law, a teal v-neck sweater.

The food was delicious and after trying M.ARu’s Blushing Geisha, I ordered one too. I don’t usually drink, but decided to this evening. I was around good company and enjoying myself. After we were done eating, we started to play “I Never”. It’s the first time I’ve played.


The rest of the evening we stood in a line just because we saw people in a line. Well we also saw that there was a backdrop with lighting umbrellas and a photographer. I was hoping we could get a group photo, since my camera was low on batteries. It turned out to be a grand opening of a club. So yeah we left and ran into Mme.LN and then Mme.SH on the outdoor dance floor. It was super crowded there, so we went back to where we were earlier; the balcony in front of Urban Outfitter (between RA and the new club).

Mme.J met up with us. I don’t really know her, but she seems really nice. She had a working camera so we took pictures. We waited there until the fireworks started. I wish the City Centre did a count down.

So Happy New Year Everybody!!!
Hope you had a fun & safe night!!!

[P.S. I drove Boyfriend’s car and he drove M.ARa’s car back to our house. We were parked in the garage. While I was waiting in line for the exit, a drunk man came out of no where and was rowdy. He did a cartwheel and smacked into a park car and sent the car’s alarm off! Then he went “WhooHoo!!!!” and disappeared.]