All my enthusiasm dwindled as the afternoon turned into night. After work, I was at home reading the manual for the camera while waiting for The Boyfriend to come back from a haircut appointment. We made plans; a quick trip to visit his mother (had some stuff to drop off and pick up), have lunch, and the rest of the day is ours to explore. We tossed ideas on where to go, but in the end it ended after lunch (went home afterwards).

The Boyfriend was trying to fix his computer, it crashed earlier this week. While he was doing that, I spent my time going down my Blogroll (only 267 more posts to go). Before the sun disappeared for the day, I ventured to IKEA for nothingness. Just went purely for eyecandy, inspiration, and walking. I came home with 3 kids, but that’s another story I will save for another time.

Back home again; on the net, heating dinner, watching shows, and cuddling with Mr. Dog. Feeling restless, I want to go do something but at the same time tired. I mean there is a long list of things I need to take care of, however my mind is blank. I think I need to physically form a list or else I’ll be driving all over town when I could have killed two birds with one stone crossed two T’s with one line.

I think I should take it easy this evening and rest huh?


The picture at the beginning of this post is my Christmas present from my coworker. The picture just right above these two sentences is a screen shot of my blog’s new layout.

On Tuesday or Wednesday, my coworker told me some celebrity gossip about Sinead O’Conner. I never heard of her, but my coworker thinks I would enjoy her music. Coworker told me to look up “Nothing Compares to You”, one of her favorite songs she used to listen to over and over.

Well not really my cup of tea, but here it is for your enjoyment =) In this video she kind of looks like Natalie Portman.

Sinead O’Conner – Nothing Compares to You