I had errands to run this morning, but it was so cold. I decided I deserve a break and bummed around at home, so did The Boyfriend. In the evening we ventured out for dinner and also stopping by to a book opening/birthday party.

Hollywood Vietnamese & Chinese Cuisine, we always pass by it or eat at other places nearby and we always said we would try it one day. Well “One Day” was tonight.


Check out S9 and S10, I took the picture right when our waitress came to take our order. She gave me a (briefly) weird look.


Hollywood had been around forever, I don’t recall the year they established though. I haven’t seen these lighted up, etched, glass panels in awhile. You use to see them a lot in Chinese restaurants.


The Boyfriend and I also had soup, but we were so hungry we chowed down before I remembered about taking pictures.

The food was pretty good. I really liked how they played the food. We will definitely come back.


The artwork at our table. There was one at every table in the section we sat at; Different picture, but same artist. I will have to retake pictures when we come back. I love the series and style. The texture and vibrant colors reminds me of crayons and watercolor technique I learned back in my elementary years.


Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your new comic book, Jason Poland!