The weather has been getting colder. I know it’s nothing like up north, but the thing you need to know about Texas climate is, “if you don’t like the weather, just wait 10 mins” That is the reason why I feel like it’s colder here then it is in Boston or New York; the weather up there is consistant, but down here …one day you’re grabbing for your wool coat and the next day you just want to walk around in your birthday suit.

During the summer I keep wishing for winter and every year I fool myself into thinking I can endure it when it came. I also seem to forget how cold I feel during this time of year and say how bad can it be?

Anyways, I was saying that it’s getting colder and that makes it harder to get out of bed in the morning. The Boyfriend and I, we don’t turn on the heater. We only have the portable heater on through the night (which is perfect while sleeping). I don’t know how I get ready for work, but I do. Then while at work I miss the warmth of home, although my office is probably warmer in reality. I think about my dog and can’t wait till the day is over so we can cuddle up. I’m beginning to think that he thinks of me as his personal heater. He would lay in my lap for a straight 2.5 hours and would probably not have moved if I didn’t need the bathroom break.

Bottom line is cold weather makes me feel trapped and also all the crazy shoppers, which makes it almost impossible to be out and about. And when you are enclosed and limited to what you can do…you start to think. Thinking of this whole past year and reflect.

I’m at a cross road and I’m afraid to turn.


While waiting in line to pick up an order at Walmart, I saw they had really cute sweaters for dogs. I couldn’t resist and picked out one for my own. I would have bought more, but wanted to see how long one would last before going all shopoholic.

Don’t worry I’m not one of those who dress their dogs all the time. Mine only wears clothes during winter when he wants to. Yeah, he lets me know… he complains and I’m not kidding.