This year M.BT threw the annual KT Christmas Party at his house. It was the first time seeing the new place and it was pretty far. Wah have to give him props for driving out that far every time there is a get together.

We (Boyfriend, Me, Sis, Nephew, and Mme.AC) were running late. Short story: I went to pick up Mme.AC and then pick up Sis, except Sis was waiting for Brother-in-law to come home to watch the kids. Brother-in-law had gone to the doctor’s. He had an eye infection. We took one of the boys with us when Brother-in-law got back.


At the party the food started to flow out as the rest of the group arrive. After eating M.BT had prepared a contest. We were to decorate Muny with just using Sharpie markers in 40 mins. There wasn’t a theme, we were allowed to run with our imagination and creativity.

I didn’t finish mine and I knew that from the beginning. I just wanted to finish what I had in my mind. My favorite is Mme.YD’s luchador. Afterwards some of us volunteered to participate in what M.AR prepared; a game show with questions about our friends. That was fun to watch.


The evening ended with gifts. I received an Amazon giftcard from M.BT and box of Polaroid Notes cards from Mme.AC. Thank you guys for the gifts =)


As we were leaving, I noticed one present left in the corner where Boyfriend had put our stuff. I asked him if it was his, because I recalled him bringing it in. He almost forgot it and said it was for me. I thought he was joking at first, but it was true. I was really surprised.

He bought me Revlon Jumbo 3 Barrel curling iron and a new cellphone case (these were on my wish list). Then Sis was like so that’s who bought it, she said she was going to get that for me for Christmas but someone beat her to it.

It was a fun night and always great to see friends. The only regret is we forgot to take our traditional group picture.