I went to run errands during lunch since I wasn’t too hungry. However I felt I should still pick up something to eat for later. Well my errand took longer than expected, so fast food was my only option. Got myself a Happy Meal from McD’s, not too much food (just the right amount) and was sold on the Hello Kitty toy.

It’s a calendar dial; tells you the month and day. That part is super tiny though. Made a spot for it on my office desk.
Autumn Colored Kimono

Teal Ao Dai

After work I attended a work related party. The Boyfriend was my plus one. He was hoping to meet new potential clients. It was really nice and packed! There was a station for sushi, hors d’oeuvres, roast beef + meats, dessert, Asian inspired, tex-mex, and cocktails. Needless to say Boyfriend and I went back for seconds on the sushi.

Everyone was beautifully dressed. I felt underdressed in my business casual/formal dress. The pictures above are of two dresses that I love from that evening. Surprisingly there was no dancing or well there was no room for dancing. The hosting company had hired a Taiko group. They gave a great performance. The evening ended with guests picking up picture(s) taken prior to entering the ballroom.