It’s been awhile, I wonder how many time I’ve said that this year. Work had kept me pretty busy, and just recently it started to slow down. Not too sure if I’m happy about that, I like being busy (at work anyways). I have been keeping up for the most part taking pictures of my adventures or interests, but it takes too much time to upload and edit. My netbook has been extremely slow and it drives me crazy!! The pictures on my cell, I’m not too happy about the quality…almost everything is a blur. Also I have to relearn how to use it, since I haven’t updated my phone for a good 6+ months and now it has all these new options or hiden old ones. I’ve been thinking about downloading Instagram. Thinking instant pretty pictures =P.

I just realize I must seem to be totally MIA. Not just blogging, but the entire cyberworld. Well it must seem like that to my friends at least. I haven’t been active via Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and even emails. About a week ago I finally narrowed down my inbox from 400+ to 30. It’s not that I don’t want to blog, I usually feel like it during the day time (when I’m at work). By the time I get home and do other things, blogging falls down to the very bottom of the Priority List. Lately I fall asleep in the middle of things; watching a show with my boyfriend, reading a book, on the computer, and even while cuddling with my dog.

I promise I will update with pictures. I don’t know when exactly, but soon. In the mean time enjoy the song that’s been stuck in my head for days.

t-pain featuring lily allen – 5 o’clock