Went to Nam Gang (Korean BBQ restaurant) for a friend’s B-day. Nom Nom Nom ~ delicious!! Afterwards Boyfriend convinced them to go to Three Sheets. A dive-in bar (I don’t know what that means, but that’s what he calls it) that we’ve been to a few times; especially steak night.

It is co-owned by a Vietnamese lady with a flowery name, she also co-owns a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in downtown called Convey. I have a picture posted up in one of my entries.


After a few drinks our friends left for Genji’s (Japanese Karaoke Bar). Boyfriend and I decided to stay and see what the crowd is like when it gets late. Also it was Karaoke Roulette Night + Pre-Halloween party. The bartenders/bar runners and half of the attendees were in costumes.



Karaoke at Three Sheets happens three days a week, I think, and each night is a differ way to get free drinks. Tonight it’s roulette style, you let the Karaoke Guy know you want to participate. He puts you on the list and choses a song for you. When it’s your turn to sing, you spin the drink board. If you do well, you get the drink on the board for free. If you do horrible, he will stop your song and you can try again later.


The Co-owner told me she put up the Halloween decor today. I really like the mini ghost lights, black and orange streamers and cobwebs. There were a couple of interactive skeleton toys around; more fun then scary. That’s how I like it.


Sorry my pictures came out dark. My cellphone doesn’t have a flashlight.

Good Night!