Went to a hip-hop concert tonight. I’m not a huge of that genre, but Boyfriend won tickets to see Atmosphere at House of Blues. It was our first time and I really like their layout. It’s two floors, with seating area, and a stand up area in front of the stage. The also have an adjacent restaurant, but we highly suggest to dine elsewhere. Their food is mediocre for the price.

Although our tickets said at 7, it really didn’t start until 8. Blueprint was the opener for the evening. There was one song where the rapper said the next one was inspired by Ferris Bueller Day’s Off (the crowd went “whoo”), Fast Times at Ridgemont High (the crowd went “whoo”), Miami Vice (the crowd went silent & “what??”), pause pause and then he said Revenge of the Nerds (the crowd went “whoo!!”). I found that hilarious.

Evidence was next, but he was constantly moving so no picture (would have came out blurred).


Finally the headliner, Atmosphere. They started in the 1988, I think, all the way from Minnesota. Boyfriend and I stayed till 10:30 before we decided to leave early. Another day of work tomorrow.