I was going to type up an actual entry (more meaningful…maybe), but surprisingly I’m ready for bed. I guess I’m more tired than I thought. So I’ll just share this…

This past Saturday I went to see a free live performance by the Cults at Cactus Music. Afterwards they were autographing cds & vinyls, which are both on sale at the store. I had told myself I wasn’t going to spend anymore on entertainment. I held myself to this even after finding out that The Duke Spirit has a new album coming out (Bruiser, releasing September 27 (Pre-order pricing is around $21)).

Yep, that wall called “will power” came down when I saw the price slashed from $20.98 to $16.98. It would be my first brand new vinyl, plus free mp3 download of the entire album, a poster, and getting it autographed. That’s a deal! Except my mind didn’t think to ask them to also sign the poster until after we left, oh well.

I do feel a little guilty for passing up buying an album by a band that I like, to a band that I never heard of and had originally thought the music sounded like chipmunks or little children singing. Obviously the live performance changed my mind.

Tonight I played the vinyl and there is a definate difference between the sound of a new record to an old one. I’ve read a few references that said a record’s sound is much clearer then a cd, but I really don’t hear the difference. Then again I have hard of hearing, selective hearing is what my boyfriend calls it.

Cults – Go Outside