With all the wildfire that’s been going on in Texas due to the drought we’re experiencing; Thank goodness for the rain today. It’s suppose to rain for the next whole week.

The Boyfriend and I are on our way to a free performance by the Cults at Cactus Music. Boyfriend is complaining that Houstonians act like they don’t know how to drive in this rainy weather, just because it’s been awhile since we’ve last seen water. Proof: We saw a car accident happening in front of our eyes. It involves a 4-door sedan, a truck with a ladder in the back, and a 16-Wheeler. Boyfriend was fast and we were able to avoid being part of the accident.


It was packed. Cactus had St. Arnold beers but no root beer this time and cupcakes.


We met up with my friends at The Weather Museum. It’s really really small, but the video of Hurricane Carla from 1961 was an interesting watch. Also I would like one of their typewriters that they had displayed. Wonder if it still works?


The Children’s Museum, getting in was a lot faster then the last time I went to Museum District Day. I think it’s great that there is a place where kids interact with displays and learn.