This week I finished two books that I bought from the Border’s Going Out of Business Sale. They were easy reads. I tend to go from heavy book to reading light or watch tv series. There’s two K-dramas I’m watching, but stopped due to lack of interest. But I know I will finish it, just because I started. I feel my eyesight has gotten worst even though I was at the optometrist two months ago. I blame it on work, which requires me to be in front of the computer all day.

Last night I watched We Got Married (Seohyun & Yonghwa Episodes). It is a Korean variety show, where two celebrities show what life is like if they were married. Sometimes they have missions, specials where they compete or vacation with another WGM couple(s), and also candid interviews where each spouse talks about what he or she was thinking and feeling at that time. In this episode Yonghwa’s and Seohyun’s mission was to write a song together, video record it and upload onto YouTube.

We Got Married is a cute show; makes me laugh, cry, and be all giddy inside.

[CN Blue] Yonghwa & [SNSD] Seohyun – Banmal Song