The Boyfriend got me a record player for my birthday. It arrived two days after the celebration and I was surprised, because Boyfriend isn’t very big on gift giving. Not just myself, but everyone.

I love it, I bought some records as you can see. Half I have heard before and the other half was purchased on a whim. Especially the Hiroshima: Second Generation, that I am definitely going to exchange. 80’s Japanese-American music, does not fly. I was hoping for something funky like Plastics (Japanese New Wave Band in early 80’s). If anyone stumbles upon Plastics’s “Welcome Plastics” record, please let me know.

Boyfriend also bought me a book I was looking for, The Flower Drum Song by C.Y. Lee. I will probably write a seperate post for this later on. I started to read it, but stopped to read The Hunger Games.


This time I remembered to take pictures of items I bought with giftcards I received as presents. Thank you BT for the Target giftcard. I got myself a Motorola Bluetooth Headset for my cellphone. Now I can drive and talk without the annoyance of a wire getting in my way.


Thank you again AC for the Barnes and Noble giftcard. Now I am addicted to a new series. I purchased the book on Wednesday and finished it last (Friday) night. Now I’m debating if I should get the second book. I’m going to see how long the queue is at the library and make my decision from that.

Plastics – Top Secret Man