Yesterday (Thursday) after work, the Boyfriend had a company dinner to attend, so I didn’t rush home. I planned on stopping by Half Price Bookstore to check out their vinyls. Also I received their 40% off coupon in the mail.

Usually during traffic, once every 2-3 months I call my friend PD and we play catch up. He’s the only friend who is truly a musical fanatic (a movie buff too). We go through our usual topics: How’s your family?, last musical seen, next musical planning to go to, his vacations (since I haven’t gone out of the city since last year), last movie seen, and upcoming movies.

PD asked me yesterday, “So what are you reading now a days?” I told him I’m currently reading two books, The Flower Drum Song and The Hunger Games. It turns out PD had read The Hunger Games trilogy, well listened to (audiobooks — I still have yet to try that). He told me the first book is good, he liked it. However the next two books are okay. That made me a little sad, because I was hoping for good all the way. He also informed me that it’s being made into a movie and is due out in theaters March 2012.

I reached Half Price and we wrap up our conversation. Say our good-byes until next couple of months. Actually I texted him today to pass up on catching Throughly Modern Mille, one of my favorite musicals, and thanked him for inviting The Boyfriend and I.

– – – –

Today after my doctor’s appointment, I called my Cousin. I haven’t spoken with her in an extremely long time. Yeah, we go through periods of time talking to each other at least once a week to months of barely getting to say hi. It’s not that we get into arguments or anything like that, it’s just our schedules. Although she is normally the busier one. That’s one of the things I love about my Cousin; so full of energy and I feel one of the few people who truly grasp every bit of life.

Today however, she sounded really tired and sick. I told her to rest at home, but she can’t she has errands to run because she’s going out-of-town for the next few days. I told her I’ll run her errands, I don’t have any plans for this evening anyway.

The picture above is Cousin’s dog. Isn’t he cute? He’s showing me his toys and where he likes to play. I haven’t been over at her place in ages either. Much has changed especially the latest thing she’s into is off to the side of her living room. I wasn’t exactly shocked or even surprise. That’s the other thing, she’s spontaneous and outgoing so its kind of expected. Well not expected, but if you know her..it’s like the norm. Not out of character, I guess is best put?

She insisted on going with me to run her errands. We talked while I drove. We finished and we get back to her place. I helped her choose outfits for her trip. We talked a little bit more and then she gave me my birthday present before I left. It’s super cute, I will have to take a picture and post it up some other time.

I hope she has a fun & safe trip. Rest plenty though and I’m sure she will land the job.