Yelp Elites unite at Yelapa

I forgot what the celebration or special occasion was. I was the +1. Most of these events are crowded, smaller spaces equates to it feeling even more crowded. It was fun though, even with the two mosquito bites I acquire after barely stepping in for 3 minutes. I would have liked to dress for the theme. One of these days I will, but most of the time these events are on weekdays. I’m pretty tired after work to care at some point.


My favorite part of the event was the Monster Booth. It’s something like a photobooth; freestanding but with no seats or curtains, and it looks like a giant white toy. I want one~!!! Boyfriend and I were very uncoordinated. We didn’t know when it would take the pictures. So our photos came out..ATTEMPT FAILED. We were allowed to take as many pictures as we wanted, but we didn’t want to hog the machine (other people were kind of waiting around).


Hola mi amigo Teddy.

Met him while getting a mango smoothie. He’s cute and cuddly, wears Hello Kitty (because his mommy said so), and supposedly has bad breath. This was my best picture of him. The rest came out all blurred, because just like my dog, he wouldn’t sit still.

Madonna – Hung Up