Boyfriend and I went after work as nobody else was interested or had prior plans. There weren’t many booths, but still good food. For dinner Boyfriend bought BBQ Pork Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich) and I had Chicken with Chickpeas… I forgot what it’s called. We shared lemon peppered fries with curry ketchup, but we think the guy forgot the lemon pepper part. For drinks Horchata and Hibiscus Mint Berry Tea.

Frosted Betty Bake Shop (Cupcakes): Red Velvet & Chocolate Raspberry. I’ve been a fan of Mmm Cupcakes and so far I have not liked any other, but Frosted Betty’s Red Velvet is beats all other’s. The Chocolate Raspberry was too sweet for my taste.

This event is great for families with kids. The kids go swimming, dry while eating, and plop in front of inflatable movie screen. They were showing Back to the Future, good movie but Boyfriend and I skipped out. We’ve seen it recently plus was pretty tired.