I think the title said it all.
The weekend went by to quickly.

The picture above was actually taken last week, but I didn’t get the chance to look into photo editing & drawing apps till over the weekend. A friend of mine suggest his top picks and I experimented a few free ones.

Photoshop Express – a quick test out. So far I like it and it’s free, but will give my final verdict after using it some more.

Doodling Booth – pre-doodles that you can put over your photos. It’s cute, but in order to save your doodles. You need to purchase the app. Wish all apps had a tester before purchase, that would be awesome.

Drawcast – I really like this one, another free app. You can mix colors, which I have not tried. But it gives you more space to work on without buttons/functions in the way as well as ads.

Scribble Lite – Is another decent free doodling app.

Doodle My Photo – I am not fond of this app. The ads covers part of the buttons/functions. So you spend most of your time getting relocated to Safari or opening up the App Store.

Anybody out there that actually enjoys Mondays?