I don’t recall what my boyfriend was talking or asking about, but I picked up this pin and said “It’s Coo-Ah, Coo!” Anybody wants this pin? I’m gonna toss it in the “Don’t Want Pile”.


We went to pick up some more HeartGuard this morning for the dog, but it looks like we have to bring him in for an examination before the clinic would dispense it. Afterwards we went to Gatlin’s BBQ & Catering for lunch.


[This picture just cracks me up]


It took awhile to figure out what the plan was for the evening. Originally I had planned a dinner get together, but then found out one of my acquaintances had made bday plans via facebook that I was not aware of. I made some phone calls to see if he wanted to do his bday dinner at the place I was planning, since there was no dinner plans for his event. Long story short I rescheduled dinner for this upcoming week. Since there was not any dinner plans, Boyfriend and I were able to go to his Mom’s bday dinner. Which turned out to be a dine-in-movie (we watched “Paul”), so we missed the karaoke portion of our friend’s bday and the rest due to no parking spaces.

Happy Birthday Aiyi!
Happy Birthday Mr. H! Sorry we missed it. Hope you had a blast none-the-less =)