The Boyfriend and I had dinner with Ms. A and then tried to gather a group to go to Antidote (a cafe/bar). A few had said yes but then later changed their minds. We were only able to recruit Mr. B.

The week or two before, we had gone to Agora (another cafe/bar) with Ms. A and Mr. A (not in a relationship). Pictures I will post some other time. It was on the camera that I left at my mom’s some time ago and just got back last weekend. Well Antidote was nice, but very very quiet; the total opposite to Agora. Will be going to Agora again next time, since we can blend in with the noise better.

[Note: The last picture was taking by the Boyfriend. I wanted a picture of the toilet paper; it HAS BUNNIES & HEARTS!!!! Thought it was super cute, but I was too embarassed to take the camera alone to the bathroom…that would look weird. The bathroom was small and there’s not any place for me to hang/put or would want to put my purse down on.]