blythe Miss Sally Rice

It was a long day at the office. I was dead tired this morning, making it extra hard to focus. I recuperated after lunch (Thank Goodness!).

Currently catching up on a few of my blog subscriptions…

  • Found out Fashion Nation’s Stephie & Dottie had a falling out.
  • Bubzbeauty or Bubbiosity has an imposter slandering her name.

That’s a shame, feel sorry for those ladies. Hope things get better.

On a lighter note I see pastel colors making its way for spring. Been thinking about dying my hair. Whispy waves of lavender, think I can get away with it? Baby blue, Minty Green anyone?

I saw a girl on the way into FIT on Sunday with porcelain skin, platinum blonde hair, and red lips. I really wanted to take a picture, I found the contrast strikingly beautiful on her.