I finally updated the blog; go back to see some missing posts. There’s actually two more missing posts before this one, but I decided to take a break. I will do it some other time. I’ve been spending my off days running errands and reading. Lately I find myself tired and knocking out early. I want to update my blogs, but end up doing something else. Boyfriend and I are still sharing his computer, so sometimes not so accessible. I’ve been thinking about getting an Acer Netbook (I think the cheapest of Netbooks?), but I can’t for the next 2-3 years. I tried looking for online contests, but most are only for citizens of Singapore (HP Netbook Online contests). My Itouch is great, but good luck blogging with that. I almost attempted to and the other downside to Itouch is no flash.

This morning & afternoon, I spent coloring in my Taro Gomi book. Maybe I should have stopped before the watercolor, because I lost some of the details afterward.

I don’t know if this post is coherent, but I think you can make sense of it. Feeling tired…gonna go read, nap, wake-up, do the dishes, and make dinner (maybe). Oh and go to the library. There’s this nagging feeling that I have something important to do today, but i can’t think of what it might be.