This Saturday there were several events going on in Houston. I invited Ada to either meet Chef Cat Cora or Project Runway Host, Tim Gunn. We figured to reserve for both and try to attend the two events, but seats for Chef Cora was filled. The fashion show that Tim Gunn was attending the seats were also filled, but we could stand behind it and watch. However the night before we were up late at a friend’s birthday get together (By the way, Happy Birthday Michael!!! Sorry I forgot to take pictures, so that is why I don’t have a post for Friday night’s celebration), and was running late on Saturday. We missed the whole show =P

Ada and I just walked around and shopped. I was tempted to buy things several time, but at the end I left with just my freebie. The Lego store did a grand opening event as you can see above. The line for the store was LONG. We didn’t bother with that, but we did help build R2D2 and got certified as Master Builders (hehe).

[Note: I did tell Ada I wanted to take a picture with the Easter Bunny. Wondered if the guy heard me and that’s why? =P]