An update on why I haven’t been blogging.

Hi everyone! Well I started working (in retail) and though the hours are not long, I come home tired. All I want to do is eat (have to cook first) and relax at home. I don’t have a steady schedule yet, but will starting next week. Maybe then I’ll be more settled and have the energy to go out. So that is why I haven’t updated; Not going out = Not having pictures to share = Not updating. Also The Boyfriend and I are still sharing his computer. He pretty much occupies it after work. On some days when I do have stuff I want to do online (and he’s using it), I would miss my laptop.

Random things on my mind.

The picture above is the album cover of Sons and Daughters: This Gift, that I recently bought. Finally using some of my Barnes & Noble gift-cards.

I’m excited about meeting up with my family tomorrow, because I haven’t seen my sister, her boyfriend, and the kids for almost a month!!! I use to see my parents and them every or every other weekend.

I’ve been invited to watch Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (3-D). I really do want to see it, but I’ve cut out entertainment from my budget. I thought if I do go, I might as well spend that money to start my basic MAC palette of eyeshadows…right?

I’ve been thinking about starting a makeup blog. Don’t worry I won’t abandon this one. So what should I call it? Feel free to suggest anything, even if it’s just words and not a complete title.