I went out to buy a pair jeans yesterday and was given extra money for just-in-case. Yeah, just-in-case my foot! There were sales every where!!! But I already gave the heads up on the higher chance of me spending it at New York & Company. They had a “Buy 1 Get 2 Free” on Redline (clearance) items and on top of that you can use coupons! Usually they don’t let you use coupons on Redline items. I came home with a pair of jeans, six tops, and Lemon Gum Drops (bought the cheapest thing, to meet the coupon’s requirement).

Today I took my sister with me to exchange the jeans, because she agreed the jeans fit nicely except the waist was too loose. Then we went to DSW, while waiting for our cousin to get back home. Sis ended up purchasing these cute satin dress shoes for $15-17 (I should have taken a picture of it). I fell for a pair of red ones, but walked away. Sigh, I don’t know why girls are such suckers for shopping.

Note: Did you know John Cho (Harold & Kumar) who plays high school and college roles is 38 years old!? He looks so young!