Ada and I found a Hot pot while cleaning the kitchen this past Wednesday. You’re probably thinking, “What do you mean found?” “Don’t you know what you have?”. Well the house use to be Boyfriend’s Mother’s house and she left quite a bit of stuff behind.

Since the weather has gotten colder, hot pot sounded really good but it would be too much food for just us two. We decided to have a hot pot get together. Ada and I thought only a few would show up, but we ended up having a party of nine (counted one of our friends as two) =P.

Thank you Ada, Barry, and Andy for helping with preparation & cleaning. Everyone else, thank you for an eventful evening.


Hot pot > Fish ball > McDull and the Fish ball

McDull is a cute Hong Kong pig. The story goes…McDull wants to get a gold-fish, and his mother didn’t really want to get him one. So she promised him she would if he can get a 100 in English. I think his mother didn’t think he could, but he did. Then she tricked him by giving him a fish ball and said it’s a fish egg. She tells him whether it hatches or not is up to him; he needs to put in a lot of effort and love. McDull named his fish egg, Umbrella, and took very good care of it. His mom saw how responsible he was and felt guilty so she gets him a gold-fish in the end.
Here’s the cute video clip: McDull and the Fishball.