“My Dog”

Two years ago at an arcade in Taiwan, The Boyfriend and I saw My Dog in one of those claw vending machines. My Dog is exactly like my real dog, and I’ve been missing him while on vacation. So Boyfriend said he will try to win it so that I can use it as a temp.

Tonight The Boyfriend discovered that My Dog says something. I mean, we knew that My Dog was supposed to play a song or something from the tag on his ear. But after several attempts of pressing his tummy and limbs, I gave up. I figured he must have sat in that vending machine for a long time and his battery had long ago expired.

Want to know what My Dog says? Well I made a short video clip, just in case in the future when My Dog’s battery does die I can watch this clip anytime =P

Click this link to see the “My Dog” video clip.

On another note, since I mentioned Taiwan…Boyfriend will be leaving soon to visit Taiwan. His grandfather isn’t doing well. I know Boyfriend needs to do this, but I don’t know how I’m suppose to feel about staying back home.