Feather Lashes

I got my feather lashes, had to try them on to see what it was like. Now I have an idea of how my dog sees the world under his long eyebrows =P

If you ever seen makeup blogs, there are bound to be some pictures of eyes. Most of the time it’s usually just one. I find most of them freaky enough that I don’t pay attention to the makeup, which is what it is intended for. So now after I told you guys how other people post pictures of one eye and how scary it looks blah, blah, blah…I ended up only doing one eye! Well, because it was late and I was too tired to do the left eye after I finished the right.

Initially I wanted to share the picture in color so you can see the overall look, but sure enough the picture freaked me out. So I edited it to black + white and softened the lines to make it less intense. It’s still kind of scary huh?