Bold or Rash?

I’m in the market for a new job, I (sorta) put in my resignation today. I have ideas/plans, but not promises. Just possibilities that needs trying. A friend gave me a piece of great advice; Don’t worry about possible negative outcome if I have not even tried it. If it isn’t for me then it isn’t for me and I just have to move on.

Coincidentally, purchasing red lipstick seems rather befitting. In makeup, aside from bright colored eye shadows the easiest way to make a bold statement is by wearing red lipstick. I’ve been checking my local Walmart stores this week to take a peek at the Hard Candy cosmetic line. This brand had supposedly gone down under, use to be sold in Ulta and Sephora. In August of this year, there were news that the brand was returning, but on the shelves of selective Walmarts. I talked with an employee at one location, and was told Hard Candy will be replacing Max Factor. That is why you will see all the Max Factor put in clearance, by January 2010 all locations should carry Hard Candy.

Hard Candy Painted Lady Lip Color: On the Prowl = $6
Hard Candy Visibly Wet Lip Liner: Centerfold = $6
MFAH postcard: The Corn Poppy = $0.83
*One of my favorite paintings, I find the lady more mysterious then the Mona Lisa.