Saw Phantom of the Opera last night.

I’ve been pretty busy as of late, so I haven’t been taking pictures. I think starting next week, things will be more quiet. There still so much I want to do by Sunday, but I should just pace myself.

I wonder if my friends had a good time seeing the musical. Some of the songs were hard to hear, but overall the show was enjoyable. I want to rewatch the movie starring Emmy Rossum & Gerard Butler. Maybe I should do a movie night, would anyone want to see it?


Ultimate Playbill Binder

When I told my friends & Boyfriend I’m going to get it, they said, “You’re going to get it?” I almost didn’t after hearing that. I was doubting; perhaps I don’t have enough Playbills to need a binder etc. I’m glad that I chose to get it in the end. I think I’ve seen 22 productions? A mixture of professional & amateur musicals, plays, opera, and ballet. Everything looks really nice in the binder, so much easier to look at then going through the box I had it in.