Yellow is a creative color. It brings the following benefits.
Stimulating, activating, endless energy and building of the motivating actions in the body.
Creates self-confidence and courage.
Increases the appetite.
Aids in better assimilation for better nutrition.
Is a nerve stimulant and builder.
Stimulates and strengthens the heart for better circulation.
Yellow is a most inspiring color.


Going to the company picnic.

  • Lifelong Yellow Camera = Couldn’t resist it’s simple design and happy yellow color. Bought at a resale shop for $1.00, so now  the rolls of film won’t go to waste. Hopefully it works and the pictures would come out like this.
  • Tic Tac in Pink Grapefruit = It’s pink!!! Need I say more?
  • Cole Haan Air Polly Lace Ballet Shoes = Happy yellow again! $115 shoes that I bought for only $7.98!!!