To my old readers, thank you for following and hopefully continue reading through this blog transition. To everyone; Welcome to my new place! Please bear with me as I am getting use to WordPress, so you will notice some changes as I go along.

If you noticed the Title is “May 24, 2009”, but the post is published…well today. The photo was taken May 24th, and I wanted this photo to stay true to date. The idea is something of a photo diary/journal.

Like today’s post and the next one, I will have to go back to that date to capture what I was thinking or feeling at the time. The overall ideal is to post a picture(s) that I’ve taken that day or was thinking about. There may be words or not following the photo(s). I just haven’t decided to truly write what’s on my mind, because some thoughts should kept to one’s self or it can lead you to trouble. For example thoughts about people in your life etc. Sigh, I’ll figure it out eventually.

So as you can see there’s a lot on my mind and this picture represents that. I was cleaning, sorting out things and I looked in this bag full of bobby pins, pony tail holders and thought it looked chaotic. Exactly how I was feeling, went to grab the camera SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! That was when I knew I wanted to start a new blog.